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  • Reduction targets should push us towards carbon neutrality
    Ice cream producer Mackie’s of Scotland along with Absolute Solar and Wind Limited have completed development on Scotland’s largest solar PV instillation. Made up of 7,000 solar PV panels and capable of generating 1.5million kWh of energy the development is …
  • What now for renewable energy?
    Over the summer we documented the policy changes of the UK government regarding renewable energy; the Renewable Obligation, Contract for Difference, the Feed-in Tariff, and pre-accreditation have all either been scrapped or reduced so vastly that is unlikely they will …
  • Feed-in Tariff Pre-accreditation
    As part of the UK government’s continued policy overhaul on renewable energy it was announced last week by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) that pre-accreditation would be removed from the feed-in tariff. Pre-accreditation allows developers to lock …
  • Central Heating Districts in Scotland
    A new report by Scottish Enterprise has found that central heating districts throughout Scotland offer major commercial benefits to the local business communities. At present Scotland has 9,886 properties connected to district heating projects which provide heat from a single …
  • The UK Feed-in-Tariff
    Last week the UK government announced it was to reduce the Feed-in-Tariff subsidy as part of a comprehensive review of the scheme which has been in operation in the UK since 2010 and covers small and medium scale renewable energy …
  • Wind Power continues to innovate
    A new method to test the durability of wind turbines and assist in predicting their lifespan has been developed by engineers from the University of Sheffield. Wengu Chen a Mechanical Engineering research student developed the technique using ultrasonic waves to …
  • Onshore Wind and Solar remain popular with UK public
    Public support for onshore wind and solar remains strong in the UK according to a new survey published this week. The independent survey commissioned by Good Energy confirmed solar as the country’s most popular form of renewable energy with 76% …
  • Renewable Energy: Home and abroad
    Last week the Department of Energy and Climate Change published its yearly Digest of UK Energy Statistics for 2014. Within it the statistics show that electricity generated from renewable sources increased by 21% in 2014 compared with 2013 and supplied …
  • Setting a clear path for inexpensive clean energy
    The UK Government’s controversial decision to axe the carbon zero home standards has motivated over 200 businesses to call on the Chancellor to reverse the decision and help reinstall investor confidence in the industry. Approximately 230 firms and companies including …
  • Scotland seeks clarity
    Last week in Glasgow over two hundred representatives from the renewable energy industry met with Scottish Government ministers and officials to discuss the impact of the UK Government’s decision to end the Renewable Obligation subsidy for onshore wind early and …

Video Archive

Renewable Energy - Seize the opportunity Renewable Energy - Wind Power
Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister

“The offshore wind industry is seeking leadership and immediate support from government and the Scottish Government is determined to provide that...”

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister
George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer

“When money is short, we should ruthlessly prioritise those areas of public spending which are most likely to support economic growth, including investments in our transport and green energy infrastructure.”

George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer
Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister

“Scotland has unrivalled green energy resources and our new national target to generate 80% of electricity needs from renewables by 2020 will be exceeded by delivering current plans for wind, wave and tidal generation.”

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister
José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President

“We need to do for energy what we have done for mobile phones: real choice for consumers in one European marketplace.”

José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President
Paul Rübig, MEP

“The larger the renewables industry in Europe becomes, the sooner European industry can benefit from economies of scale, ultimately making renewables more competitive.”

Paul Rübig, MEP
Willy De Backer, Head of the Greening Europe Forum, Friends of Europe

“Renewables have gone from being a sideshow to being the key solution, together with energy efficiency, for the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Willy De Backer, Head of the Greening Europe Forum, Friends of Europe