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  • Heat solutions via renewable energy
    As the benefits of renewable energy production and usage can now be seen throughout the country further advancements are required in order fully utilise the potential that we have. Whilst renewable energy is clean and does not require a traditional …
  • Renewable energy in the UK post-referendum
    Trade body Scottish Renewables this week warned that renewable energy generation in Scotland may be under threat due to Brexit repercussions.  Chief Executive Niall Stuart speaking at a conference hosted by Scottish Renewables said that Westminster must not get in …
  • Renewable Energy Generation and Emissions in the UK
    Last week the Department of Energy and Climate Change released its most recent figures relating to energy data giving us a good indication as to the current state of the UK’s energy sector. Also, the UK’s decision on the fifth …
  • Innovative projects helping us reduce our carbon emissions
    One of Scotland’s oldest and most famous exports whisky will soon be teaming up with one of its newest, renewable energy at a distillery near the village of Craigellachie on the River Spey in the Scottish Highlands. The village is …
  • Our energy storage future
    Later this summer the Scottish Government will be publishing its new energy strategy for the forthcoming term and WWF Scotland have called on this to promise greater use of the country’s plentiful renewable energy sources. The Scottish Government has pledged …
  • Renewable Energy Investment in the UK
    A new report published by REN21 has claimed that last year the UK ranked 4th in the world for renewable energy investment.  The report states that the UK’s renewable investment, excluding research and development, totalled £15.4 billion in 2015, a …
  • Portugal’s remarkable renewable energy milestone
    Last week Portugal announced all their electricity needs was generated from renewable sources for more than four consecutive days. The lights were kept on using renewable sources such and wind, hydro, and solar for 107 consecutive hours from the 7th …
  • Renewable Energy Opportunity and Innovation
    Mars Incorporated, producers of Mars Bars, Snickers, Dolmio, and Pedigree Chum amongst other products have announced that their entire UK operations will now be run on renewable energy. The new Moy twenty turbine wind farm near Inverness in the Scottish …
  • Alternative approaches to renewable energy
    Last week Glasgow hosted All Energy the UK’s largest renewable energy exhibition and conference, at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. The event was held in association with the Renewable Energy Association, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeen Renewable …
  • The Contribution of Scotland’s Onshore Wind Industry
    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has announced that the onshore wind sector in Scotland accounted for more than half the total turnover for the entire UK wind energy generation industry. New figures launched last week state that Scotland’s wind …

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Renewable Energy - Seize the opportunity Renewable Energy - Wind Power
Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister

“The offshore wind industry is seeking leadership and immediate support from government and the Scottish Government is determined to provide that...”

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister
George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer

“When money is short, we should ruthlessly prioritise those areas of public spending which are most likely to support economic growth, including investments in our transport and green energy infrastructure.”

George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer
Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister

“Scotland has unrivalled green energy resources and our new national target to generate 80% of electricity needs from renewables by 2020 will be exceeded by delivering current plans for wind, wave and tidal generation.”

Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister
José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President

“We need to do for energy what we have done for mobile phones: real choice for consumers in one European marketplace.”

José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President
Paul Rübig, MEP

“The larger the renewables industry in Europe becomes, the sooner European industry can benefit from economies of scale, ultimately making renewables more competitive.”

Paul Rübig, MEP
Willy De Backer, Head of the Greening Europe Forum, Friends of Europe

“Renewables have gone from being a sideshow to being the key solution, together with energy efficiency, for the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Willy De Backer, Head of the Greening Europe Forum, Friends of Europe